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    1. Character Name- Forgotenhero

    2. Class and main spec (with talent build)-Pally/Holy-(51/5/15)

    3. Off spec Protection-(5/59/7)

    4. Raid experience(I have Cleared 10/25m toc and togc on my alt and the first wing of 10/25m icc on this toon the last guild would never go back to continue the fights in ICC and they did it on a reg bases so it was not the guild for me

    5. Fav fight and why( Is a new fight one that i have to test my skills to learn a strategy to beat the boss)

    6. Availability Monday-Saturday 5 P.M. - 3 A.M.

    7. Armory link-

    8. What do u want to accomplish in the guild?I want to grow to be the best at my toon on this server to go to raids everyday and never give up i do not care about how many wipes or how long we are in a boss encounter. what matters to me most is that we try .My moto is to achieve is to believe and i am never a failure unless i try.And that still will not stop me i will get back up, dust of and fucking go back at it again, with a new approach.

    9. Do you know anyone in <etherium>?no not really only raided with luet and she asked me to apply

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